📑 New preprint: multi-scanner & multi-site MRI segmentation

Take a look to our last preprint 📑: “Fighting the scanner effect in brain MRI segmentation with a progressive level-of-detail network trained on multi-site data” by myself, Mattia Savardi, Alberto Signoroni, Sergio Benini, Lars Muckli.

We present LOD-Brain, a level-of-detail (LOD) network, where each LOD is a U-net which processes 3D brain multi-data at a different scale. Lower levels learn a coarse and site-independent brain representation, while superior ones incorporate the learnt spatial context, and refine segmentation masks at finer scales. Examples of outputs (grey matter renderings) at different LODs are shown in blue at the bottom.

Project Website: https://rocknroll87q.github.io/LOD-Brain/