shareYourProject: showcase website for students’ projects

shareYourProject wanted to be a showcase for projects and thesis carried out by students in Telecommunications Engineering of the University of Brescia. Designed by students (myself :P) for other students, the portal offers the possibility to share their own work, for the following aims:

  • Visibility: To other students, professors, and the outside world.
  • Sharing: Of resources, ideas, initiatives, algorithms, comments, etc.
  • Interest: For projects with strong appeal in terms of content, imagination, and creativity.
  • Track: The work done can be a starting point for future works.
  • Memory: A place where you do not let the projects on which you have spent a lot of time die.
  • Competition: To demonstrate the value of your ideas.

C’est le temps que tu as perdu pour ta rose qui fait ta rose si importante. (Le Petit Prince)


Here a screenshot of the main page: